Apple iPad

Apple iPad has come a long way

The iPad tablet was initially released with a great doubt. Nobody was first certain it might seize the imagination of desktop computer users. Moreover, was the issue whether or not the potential Apple iPad small business owners would probably choose it for use as a mobile computer instead of their particular laptop computers. Obviously, we have now known that the iPad tablet launch has been an immense victory for Apple specifically for the iPad small business community.

Integrated Apple iPad Tablet Business Features

The obvious advantage is the fact that it is actually lightweight and extremely portable. It can be ready in a second. There is no need to wait patiently 5 minutes for the iPad tablet to initialize and then wake up. It performs functions just like searching the internet as well as, email in way that is much better than smart phones because you can very easily read everything without straining your sight.

You will find business apps that lend their use to small business benefit which includes notes, calendar, internet browser, maps, mail and simply contacts. In case you are experienced with the iPhone and/or blackberry mobile phones then you definitely know the apps pretty much however they function are far much better on the iPad tablet. This is due to the software has had an enormous upgrade as well as the fact that the display size makes the iPad tablet more reliable in its results.

The Very Best iPad Apps for Business and As Well, Productivity

If you’ve ever spent time on iTunes looking around through a large number of apps, you know that you will find literally thousands and thousands to select from. For people who do business you will find word processors, spreadsheet, organizers, PDF viewers and more. And in many cases the most notable thing is that the price range paid for apps is just a couple of dollars. You will not ever see price tags of $399 or even more for iPad tablet apps. That cost savings on software is an enormous hidden advantage for iPad lovers. In the event that you where equipping a laptop computer with the software program you require it might expense $1000’s. With an iPad tablet you would probably do the exact for under 50 DOLLARS.

Market Your Business with An App.

Presently there are new apps being released daily and many businesses are developing their particular apps designed to showcase their products and solutions on the iPad tablet. Once again, the price in comparison to a full internet site is very small. Mobile computing is definitely the future to promoting your small business and getting your own business app would be the norm within just Five years.

iPad tablet Business Accessories

There are particular accessories which mean that you could walk into your business office and uncover enhanced usability when you really need a desktop equipment. You are able to hook up a full computer keyboard up for much easier writing. You may also get devoted briefcases that give protection to your iPad tablet and permit you to use it without even the need of taking it out of the case. In lots of ways the iPad tablet has ended up being the supreme tablet computer. I recall ten years ago all of the noise about tablet pc computing. Well that iPad has safely and effectively delivered that industry.


Wall Mount 4k

flat against the wall

There are a few different types on Wall Hanging Brackets for Flat Screen TV’s

flat and tiltFlat-Screen-Wall-MountTelehook_TH-2050-VFM_FullMotion_Television_Wall_Mount_img1_lg

Hang Flat, Tilt, and attached to an arm to come away from the wall. The arm style works great if you wan the tv in the corner of the room. This bracket works the best for corn mounting.


You can find the right Wall Mounting Bracket for your TV at ebay!

Buying a Mac for School or travel

Macbook Pro

If you’ve got your sights set on a new Mac laptop, here’s what you need to know before heading to the store.

Thinking you might want a laptop PC, desktop PC, Mac desktop or Chromebook instead? Find out which kind of computer is really for you.

Macs used to be the expensive computers that graphic designers and “creative types” used. Now, they’re a serious option for any computer user thanks to their solid construction and easy-to-use operating system.

Of course, they’re still on the expensive side, and there are quite a few options. You want to buy the one that’s right for you the first time. That’s where I can help. Let’s take a look at your options and the pros and cons of each.

MacBook Air


The MacBook Air started as the go-to Mac if you’re a frequent traveler. It then became Apple’s budget laptop option.

The Air comes in two sizes. There’s an 11.6-inch model for those looking for a super small laptop. And there’s a 13.3-inch model for those wanting a bigger screen.

To keep its size down, the Air has a few space-saving features. Perhaps the coolest is the flash storage. That means there’s no physical disc that holds your data. This is a more reliable, quieter and faster method of storing information.

Flash storage also makes booting up, opening programs and browsing through media extremely fast.

All the Air models have a fourth-generation (Haswell), dual-core 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM standard. You can upgrade to a 1.7GHz Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM.

The standard 11.6-inch model with 128GB of storage is $899. There is also a $1,099 11.6-inch model with 256GB storage, which you can upgrade to 512GB. The 11.6-inch model has a claimed nine hours of battery life.

The larger 13.3-inch models start at $$999. For that, you get 128GB of flash storage. For $1,199, you get the 13.3-inch model with 256GB – expandable to 512GB – of storage. Apple claims you get 12 hours of battery life!

Both models come with two USB 3.0 ports and a Thunderbolt port. Thunderbolt is an incredibly fast connection that is rated for 10 gigabits per second.

It can be used for ultra-fast external drives and high-resolution monitors. New adapters add compatibility with Firewire 800 devices and Ethernet networking.

The MacBook Air is compatible with 802.11ac routers. Learn more about the new Wi-Fi standard here.

Both models come with a built-in 720p HD webcams. The 13-inch model also has an SD card slot.

As I said, the MacBook Air is Apple’s budget system, but the latest processor upgrade makes it suitable for most computer uses. The Intel HD Graphics 5000 system built into the Haswell processor is great for media consumption.

The Air still won’t match the MacBook Pro for high-end photo or video editing purposes. However, for basic photo and video editing it should be fine.

The Air doesn’t have an optical drive, so you can’t put your DVDs directly into it. There is a Remote Disc feature included. This lets you use another computer’s optical drive, but you need to be on the same network.

MacBook Pro


The MacBook Pro with Retina display is definitely the right choice for anyone looking for a powerful laptop. It offers more customization than the Air. Gamers and editors, this is probably the Mac for you.

To begin, the MacBook Pro has two screen sizes: 13-inch and 15-inch. All of the MacBook Pros have an aluminum unibody enclosure. This makes them not only beautiful, but durable as well.

The Retina display offers incredible resolutions. The 13-inch is 2560 by 1600 and the 15-inch is a whopping 2880 by 1800. Apple has upgraded its built-in apps to take advantage of this amazing clarity.

All of the models share a few other features. There is a built-in high-definition webcam and an illuminated keyboard.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro has an amazing nine-hour battery life. The 15-inch model has a respectable eight-hour battery life.

Each model supports the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, and includes USB 3.0 ports and multiple Thunderbolt 2 connections.

Thunderbolt 2 is an incredibly fast connection that is rated for 20 gigabits per second.

It can be used for ultra-fast external drives and high-resolution monitors.

Additionally, the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros have an SD card slot. That will let you plug in your SD memory cards directly. That’s great for photo buffs whose cameras use SD cards.

The computing power of each size is also varied. All of the MacBook Pros use Intel’s Haswell i-series processors. The standard 13-inch model starts at $1,099. It comes with up to 2.8GHz Intel Core i5 Duo processor, 8GB of RAM and a 128GB solid-state hard drive. For some extra cash, you can upgrade all of these components.

The larger MacBook Pros are a smart place to start if you’re looking for a serious photo or video editor. These models come with larger hard drives and offer stronger graphics cards.

The standard 15-inch model starts at $1,999. It comes with a 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a 256GB solid-state hard drive.

It also comes with a dedicated graphics card. The standard unit uses the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750 with2GB of on-board memory. Again, you can upgrade all of these components if you pay more.